Tuesday, April 03, 2012

House GOP Discusses Reviving Earmarks

There should be no such thing as earmarks or pork barrel legislation or whatever you want to call it. No spending should be appropriated unless it is debated, given an opportunity to be read in its final version, and voted on. No bill should include amendments to legislation that has nothing to do with the bill being voted on. Governments, and people, survive by being able to compromise. Want to change or fix a law, vote on the amendment by itself. Have some guts, defend your position, make a persuasive (non-threatening) argument, and get people to your side. Or, decide that your position is not something you need to fall on your sword over and accept some changes.
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China Fake IDs: Homeland Security TSA Screenings May Not Catch Counterfeit Identification

It is a BS argument. Americans have been making fake IDs for years. But now that they are being made in China it has become a big deal. We do not need biometrics, chip tags, or any of this other stuff. We are allowing a small percentage, less than 1/10th of 1% of any crime to influence this national identity card stuff.

There is no voter fraud that has had any impact on any election, and has been documented over and over. Your chances of being injured, let alone be killed, in a terrorist attack is so small, you have a better chance of winning the lottery. DHS is an unnecessary bloated agency that has no track record of saving people's money nor in preventing any attacks.

The problem lies with our dealings with China. Because we have allowed big corporations to run this country, we have lost our economic power, and consequently, our ability to pressure China to stop piracy of intellectual property, or counterfeiting goods. This is really a question of economics, not security.
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