Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wadah Khanfar: Iran Strike Would Be A 'Disaster' For Fragile Arab Spring

OK, I going to do it: The policies of Dubya of not engaging and challenging others has led to this point. Unfortunately Obama took the bait, mostly from pressure from the right about being "weak" on defense. We never should have disengaged with North Korea or Iran. Doing so has only allowed them to go further and faster in their nuke programs without a mechanism to control it. Maybe Iran was/is doing this for peaceful purposes. Maybe our constant threats have pushed them into the weaponization mode.

What people do not realize is that Iran does not have enough oil refineries to meet its needs for fuel. Iran import 40% of its refined oil. With no other energy capacity, they have to develop other resources. So, without the US being involved in Iran, for multiple reasons, we could not influence their decision. We could have supplied them with reactors and controlled the amount or uranium that they had at any given time. We could have influenced them to go with renewable energy sources, with American made equipement, like wind or solar.

What we chose to do with Iran was to remain hostile and not engage with them out of support for our military/industrial complex. We chose threats over assistance and advise. We allowed the Russians to supply the nuclear reactors, the same as Chernobyl. We chose a hostile path rather than one of influence. Sometimes being the "power behind the king" is more important than being the king.
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