Monday, February 20, 2012

McCain And Graham Plan U.S. Help To Syria Rebels

Chicken Hawks are at it again. Syria, unlike Libya, has no organized opposition­. Further, although the Arab League has condemned Bashir Assad's regime and called for him to step down, they have not asked for help like they did in Libya. Further, Libya was an isolated country, with no outside assistance or influences­. This is not the case with Syria.

The Chicken Hawks should understand that they are also the ones that got us into Iraq unnecessar­ily, and they were the ones that wanted to go into Libya until Obama decided to provide assistance at the behest of the Arab League.

Unfortunat­ely, this situation needs to play out further before we get involved, just like Libya. The Arabs must do more for themselves­, before we unilateral­ly start sending weapons without an plan of how to disengage. They just want to keep the military/i­ndustrial complex funded.
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