Wednesday, February 29, 2012

John McCain: GOP Primary Race Is Like 'Watching A Greek Tragedy'

I have no problem with the long running Regressive primary system, except for who runs the debates. The press are the wrong organizations to hold debates, and the debates should be about specific issues, with all candidates getting an opportunity to answer the same question. With a huge field like the Regressives had, the debate line-up should have been picked randomly with no more that 4 candidates at a time present, and held successively. The debates should have been limited to just a few questions, so that real policy answers could be given.

The fact that no winner will be decided on in the first few primary/caucuses, gives everyone the opportunity to vote for their real choice. Open primaries should be closed to ONLY party members. Dems and Independents should not have a say in who will be the Regressives candidate. Further, we are getting to see the true person and understand how they would lead or divide the country.

It has its flaws, and the money is another problem, but we now get to see how much Romney will say anything to get a vote, how much Sanitarium is like an Ayatollah, how much of a demagogue Gingrich is, and how much the rest of the party is full of lunies.
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