Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Republican Presidential Debate Defined By Crowd's Silence

These are supposed to be debates, even though there is little real debate to them. The audience should not make a sound during the debates. This is not some version of TV's fake reality show, or a spots event, or a game show. Applause and cheering not only helps the candidate that the audience favors, it also limits the amount of time for a rebuttal, and can influence those watching at home.

The current debate structure makes them look like a joke. Our elections are a joke to start with, with all of the money that is poured in and the lack of honesty in political ads. This election cycle for president will cost well over $1 Billion. What could we have done with a billion toward the debt or, god forbid, job creation by the wealthy?

We waste money on useless things. Elections, not primaries, should be government funded. Candidates should get air time, both radio and tv, cable and satellite, for free. All candidates should get the exact same amount of time per week during primetime listening/­viewing. Let's give them 30 minutes per week to get their issues and stances across.

Primaries should be totally funded by the political parties, and more importantl­y, they should be closed to non party members. Democrats should not be able to influence Republican party politics and vise versa. If independen­ts want a say in who runs for office, they should join a party or create one for themselves­.
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