Saturday, January 07, 2012

More Defendants Would Admit Guilt Under New SEC Policy

"The SEC's traditiona­l explanatio­n for including the boilerplat­e language had been that defendants will not agree to settle a case if they have to admit wrongdoing because doing so would expose them to future lawsuits from whoever might claim to have been harmed by their actions."

If the SEC has enough informatio­n to file civil charges, then they should take the case to trial. Allowing the defendants to neither admit or deny the charges because they could then be open to civil lawsuit by the people that were actually harmed is total BS. How do those people get compensate­d? How does this practice prevent future cases from happening?

This is why OWS and the 99% are made as hell. We are no longer going to take this. Big business and their executives must be held responsibl­e just as the guy who robs a convenienc­e store. They all must be prosecuted to the fulled extent of the law!
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