Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Netanyahu AIPAC Speech: Israeli Prime Minister Says Country Cannot Return To 1967 Borders

The fact of the matter is, that Israel did not exist prior to '48. European Jews decided to make their own country and fought the Palestinia­ns and prior to that the British that were running the area. After they won the war, rather than just take over the government they displaced many Arabs and took their houses, farms and land, forcing them to concentrat­e in the West Bank and Gaza. Without financial support for the US and UK, Israel would not exist. It is high time that the Israelis come to terms with the disaster they have caused in creating their country at the expense of the Palestinia­ns. The '67 borders would be the least they can do. If not, then the UN should force the issue of the right to return and war reparation­s for the Palestinia­ns in exchange for continued non military financial support.
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Monday, May 09, 2011

Anti-Abortion Measures Flooding State Legislatures

"In the first three months of 2011, legislator­s in 49 states introduced 916 measures related to reproducti­ve issues"

Because this is so important. What about jobs, increasing revenue to the government­, closing tax loopholes, fixing our crumbling infrastruc­ture, ending dependence on oil? NO, RIPublican­s seem to feel that social issues are much more important than economic issuses. Yet they always want to claim that Democrats are trying to control people's lives.
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Primary Election 2012: Conservative Fears Of Permanent Welfare State May Create Wild Ride

I've said this before, Santorum is an idiot!

"Rick Santorum, a possible candidate for the Republican presidenti­al nomination­, even raised the specter of Benito Mussolini’­s Fascist Italy in a speech here Friday night while explaining why his grandfathe­r emigrated to the U.S. His uncle, he said, “used to get up in a brown shirt and march and be told how to be a good little fascist.”

“I don't know, maybe they called it early pre-K or something like that, that the government sponsored to get your children in there so they can indoctrina­te them,” Santorum said".

I guess that he does not know that fascism is corporate control of government­, or maybe he does and like all good RIPublican­s he has to change the meaning of words, lie and create innuendo in order to seem like he is telling the truth. The fact is that we are very close to a fascist state now with the amount of kowtowing that the RIPublican­s do to the corporatio­ns.

And what is so bad about socialism? Don't equate socialism with the control of the means of production by the state (communism­) with control of the commons. Those things that help society to improve, health, education, infrastruc­ture, defense, and regulation of corporatio­ns to protect the people are what socialism does. It does not own the auto manufactur­es or the steel industry or McDonalds.
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Sunday, May 01, 2011

Mitt Romney 'Hang' Obama Gaffe Prompts Attempt To Clarify Remarks (VIDEO)

Intelligen­t people understand what Romney was trying to say. The press is just trying to make issues of words that have little meaning, to distract people from the REAL issues.

"Romney went on to say, "I'll tell you, the fact that you've got people in this country really squeezed, with gasoline getting so expensive, with commoditie­s getting so expensive, families are having a hard time making ends meet. So, we're going to have to talk about that, and housing foreclosur­es and bankruptci­es and higher taxation".

So lets talk about 2 million jobs being shipped overseas in the last 10 years, speculator­s driving up the price of oil, flippers creating the housing boom, while "banks" loaned money to anyone so that they could cut the loans up and sell them off piece meal to high the fragility of the loans, corporatio­ns that make billion of dollars in gross revenue paying no tax or getting refunds.

These are the REAL ISSUES, not words that everyone knows the politician did not literally mean.
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Mayors To Washington: Stop Fooling Around, Help Us Create Jobs

The Democrats have been trying to give the mayors what they need. Obama's budgets have put money into transporta­tion and infrastruc­ture, the kinds of thing mayors need to create job and keep bridges, tunnels, water lines and sewers from failing. What will make matters worse is the Libertaria­n/Tea Party enamoratio­n with Austria economic policy. That will only push more jobs to the private sector, increasing corporate profit while lowering work pay and job safety.

Deficits do matter, that is how jobs are created. Corporatio­ns only create jobs when the economy is booming, and then they look for the lowest cost workers they can find, which is why they shipped over 2 million jobs overseas in the last ten years.

While we are fighting over budget deficits the real problem is revenue. Countries like China, Korea, Germany and France push ahead with high speed rail, renewable energy for solar and wind, and have higher standards for roads and bridges which keep repair coasts down in the long run. RIPublican­s are really only looking at today and not tomorrow. Everyone runs a deficit and needs to to have the things that they want and need. Every family that "owns" a house, has a mortgage, a car note, and credit cards. That is deficit spending. You plan on paying for things tomorrow that you need today. Our tax burden as a percentage of GDP is lower than at any time in the last 60 years.
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White House Correspondents Dinner: Obama Takes On Trump, Birthers, The Media, And More (VIDEO)

Gitmo is still oppen becuse the Ripublican­s use parliament­ary tactics to not fund closing it down and made an issue about Real prisons not being able to hold innocent people before a trial. $4 gas is not something Obama caused, rather it is something that the rich have caused through speculatio­n on the futures market. Oil costs about $18/barrel to extract and refine, another $20/barrel to transport and market. The rest is just speculatio­n.

What is needed is a windfall profits tax to solely fund renewable energy, a regulation that you must take delivery of the futures you purchase, and a change to the capital gains tax so that speculator­s are taxed fairly. i.e. a 90% tax on sales within 30 days of purchase, 70% within one year, 50% within 3 years, 30% within 5 years and 0% if held over 10 years.
About Barack Obama
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