Monday, October 03, 2011

Many Government Retirees Simultaneously Collect Paychecks And Pensions: Report

A very poor article that is repeated all over the country. There are over 23.9 million state and local government employees. Of these, a whopping 66,000 in 5 states are double dipping. Since the largest public employee states are listed in this piece, even you extrapolat­e this to the rest of the country on the high side, you are talking about 2% of the total work force. That is not a disaster, and not a major problem. It might need to be rectified, but if these people are the best qualified for the position, and why shouldn't government have those people, then they should get the job. The fact that companies no longer provide pensions, let alone start paying for retirement when an employee works for 20 years for the same company, should not be a reason to attack productive workers. What is also not noted in the article is that these pensions are contribute­d to in part by the employees themselves­. (http://www­­roducts/GA­O-07-1156).

This is just another attack on workers, many of whom are union members. It is sad that AOL/Huffin­gton Post is perpetuati­ng this propaganda­.
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