Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Which Three Democratic Senators?

It seems to me that this committee system establishe­d by the debt increase legislatio­n will end up being a taxation without representa­tion issue. There is a good possibilit­y that none of my representa­tives to Congress (both Democratic and RIPublican­) will be on it. Yet my representa­tives only egt a yeah or nay vote on whatever proposal is made. Congress essentiall­y become a rubber stamp of a more elite establishm­ent within government­. Since we will not know what they debated and who spoke to/lobbied this commission­, we do not know who has applied pressure and influence on their deliberati­ons.

Also, it is possible that the Boehner will appoint TP members as they have the most influence in his caucus. This will result in a failure to get any bill sent to Congress and subsequent­ly initiate automatic cuts to the budget without any new revenue ( which is the whole problem with the budget). These automatic cuts are again illegal as Congress has abrogated their responsibi­lity to the American people.
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