Thursday, August 04, 2011

Koch-Funded Americans for Prosperity Sends Dems Wrong Voter Info in WI Recall Elections

Associated Press
Wis. Dems cry foul over recall ballot mailing
By SCOTT BAUER , 08.02.11, 04:46 PM EDT

MADISON, Wis. -- The Wisconsin Democratic Party is calling for an investigation into whether a conservative group tried to suppress turnout in next week's state senate recall elections by misinforming voters about the deadline for absentee ballots.

State Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate on Tuesday asked U.S. Attorney James Santelle to investigate an Americans for Prosperity mailing that erroneously stated that absentee ballots received before Aug. 11 for an Aug. 9 election would count. Only ballots received by Aug. 9 will count.

Americans for Prosperity state director Matt Seaholm blames the error on a typo and says complaints over the mailing are frivolous.

This is the ONLY election fraud that happens on any scale in this country.  There are not millions of votes that are fraudulent, but the RIPublicans and their backers do everything they can to influence elections on grand scales.  If not sending out misinformation to Democrats so that their votes won't count, it changing the laws to access their rights to votes, to out right tampering with the voting machines themselves.  RIPublicans are more concerned with power then they are with democracy.  Had it not been for vote tampering on their part, GWB would never been elected either time, and nor would the RIPublicans have held Congress for those 6 years.

It is time for the Democrats to STOP playing nice.  They need to press this case until someone goes to jail.  The Democratic Party needs to get tough at the local level before the national party will do anything.  Terry McAuliffe has caused more long term damage to the Democratic Party than any RIPublican has, by making the party so dependent of corporate financial support.

The Dems need to wage an all out war on changing the laws that the RIPublicans have passed that have restricted the rights of Americans to exercising their Constitutional right:

Americans have the right to vote without meeting a means test.
Americans have the right to form unions, without hinderance from corporations, and to collectively bargain.
Americans have the right to clean water, clean air, and uncontaminated soil.  It is the government s job to ensure that fror the people.
Americans have the right healthcare, and when corporations make it so that it becomes unaffordable, the government has the Constitutional responsibility to provide it.

The RIPublicans and their Tea Party allies are not democratic.  They are tyrannical, not just against the American people, but against themselves.  If someone does not toe their party line, they are threatened with removal from office.  Their party is right in all things and no deviation is permitted.  These people are no different then the Leninist philosophy that there should be one party, and that party is the only way to force their economic philosophy on the people.  It is just that the RIPublicans and the Tea Party are extreme capitalists rather than Marxists.

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