Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Obama Debt Ceiling Talks: President Addresses Nation About Debt Limit Negotiations, Economy (VIDEO)

Cutting spending without increasing revenues will only solve half of the problem. Ending the wars will save some money short term, however, we will now have medical bills for years because of the amount of service personel with injuries and mental illness. So long term those costs will increase along with our aging population for medical coverage.

The tax cuts under Bush were unfunded. causing loss revenue for the government at a time when expenses were rising due to the war. This caused increased borrowing to pay for the two wars. On top of this, the RIPublican controlled Congress passed the Medicare Drug Plan which again was unfunded. That has caused even more borrowing.

Obama has backed off of every demand that he made, a plan must have revenue generation­, must be "grand" and long term, and has essentiall­y gone for the original Ryan plan. Yet the RIPublican­s say that is not enough. The also say that the savings form ending the wars is a gimmick. But that was the heart of their plan under Ryan.

The Tea Party will wreck this country. They want to reduce the government to nothing more than any group of RIPublican­s ever wanted. They want a balanced budget amendment to the constituti­on, which will destroy this country the first natural disaster we have. ALL THEY CARE ABOUT IS HOW MUCH MONEY THEY CAN MAKE AND HOW MUCH MONEY THEY CAN KEEP. They are the most unChristia­n Christians on the planet.
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