Sunday, November 07, 2010

Lindsey Graham Makes The Case For Strike On Iran

War! We are winding down spending in Iraq, winding down Afghanistan next year so the chicken hawks need to do something to keep the military industrial complex running and money flowing into their election campaigns.

War! Why would we want to take care of Americans health care or create jobs when we can spend money on killing more people. The Ripublicans made this mess with Iran, and as with all messes the Ripublicans make, they declare "WAR" on the problem. Of course, the Ripublican have not won a war they started. The drug/crime problem is worse since they made alcohol illegal, then had to have it legalized only to realize that the created organized crime on a national scale; cocaine and marijuana were made illegal in the twenties and now marijuana is the largest cash crop in the country (legally or illegally grown), and their war has resulted in more people killed and imprisoned then in any other country on earth.

The Ripublicans are going to follow the path of the NSDAP until they can declare marshal law and establish a dictatorship.
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Texas Conservatives Weigh Medicaid Withdrawal

So the "Death Panels" have come knocking at the door, and who are they, the Democrats? No, they are the very same people that tried to sell America universal health care would be doing that. No, it is the Ripublicans that have come in the black robes carrying the scythe. They will see to it that we cull the herd by taking out the those least able to pay.

America will save money by having taxes reduced and government made smaller, but it will be at their expense; lives will be lost that need not be lost, people will go homeless, and education will get worse. The Ripublicans will ensure that all Americans get the same quality education as everyone is driven to the levels of Texas and Mississippi.

If people thought that the end was near when Bush was in office, they were mistaken. The TP and conservative Ripublicans will be ringing in the end of America as an economic and technology leader. Watch how fast they borrow money from the Chinese to pay for the taxes reductions they intend to put in place.

Of course they will not be reducing defense spending, as the chicken hawks are already calling for a first strike on Iran. Armageddon is coming, and the Ripublicans will start it.
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Friday, November 05, 2010

Class-Action Suits: Consumers' Right To File In Danger In The Supreme Court

The continued destruction of America and the appropriations of the rights of the people by corporations with the support of the the Supreme Court. The next time the Dems control Congress, they should initiate an Amendment to the Constitution that removes personhood from corporations, or makes corporations subject to the same criminal penalties of persons i.e. they have to close down from the term of their sentence, just like people have to serve time behind bars.

If the Supreme Court overturns the lower courts rulings, we will never be able to have government protect the people from deceptive practices, economic disaster, or from serfdom. The Ripublicans and the Fascists will have won all because most of America is blind to the reality of the corporate takeover.
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John Boehner: Obama Is In 'Denial (VIDEO)

"there seems to be some denial on the part of the president and other Democratic leaders of the message that was sent by the American people." Boehner told Diane Sawyer that "when you have the most historic election in over 60, 70 years, you would think the other party would understand that the American people have clearly repudiated the policies they've put forward in the last few years."

I guess that Bonehead did not realize that this is what happened 2 and 4 years ago when the Ripublicans where thrown out. If they had not done everything they could to stifle real change, they would not have been voted back in.

I hope that the Dems do the the Ripublicans what they did to the Dems, although I do not believe they have the spine for it.
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Generation War: Once Children During 9/11, Now Soldiers In Afghanistan

How do you end the Long War? You start by electing people that actually care about people, not corporations. The American people have been indoctrinated for so long by the right wing media that they now believe the lies (see Goebbels). So, real leaders that care about people will never control the country.

The War Powers Act needs to be amended. If a President send troops into a combat zone, to a police action or whatever security mission you like to call sending more than 1 brigade, the draft should automatically start. No vote by Congress to prove what party is more patriotic, just start the draft. If that was the case, no politician would send troops into harms way without a real cause because they would be voted out the next election.

There should be not exemptions to the draft except to finish the current semester of school. No wealth nor medical condition should preclude you from having to serve. There are plenty of jobs for people that are normally classified as handicapped.

There should also be a change to government accounting. No "off budget" items. Everything should have to be declared. The true cost of war should have to be calculated into the budget and restated in a separate section: pay for troops, weapons acquisition, medical treatment for the wounded and long term care, including housing and job creation for soldiers who have problems acclimating to being human again.
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